8th annual Walk for Hope

We are thrilled to announce the 8th annual BFO “Walk for Hope” event will be held on October 3rd, 2021, at 10 am. We invite you to join us and help raise funds and bring hope to the lives of patients waiting for treatment while enjoying the colorful season by walking on the trail.

During the event, we will follow safety measures and protocols.

Take the first step and register for this event! Invite your family members, friends, colleagues, and whoever is interested in joining our “Walk for Hope”!

We are excited to praise the registered individuals who raise more than $500 for this event with Behnam of Ontario’s “walk medal.” These individuals will have special recognition in all Behnam of Ontario social media channels.

Let’s help BFO grow the network and create the synergy to change a life and bring hope to patients waiting for treatment.

Behnam Foundation of Ontario (BFO) is a registered and volunteer based not-for-profit organization which raises funds through various initiatives for patients with cancer and rare diseases .

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