Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we choose Behnam Daheshpour Charity as our agent?

The Behnam Daheshpour Charity Organization is a well-known, professional, trustworthy, and well-established charity in Iran with a strong and well-earned reputation for supporting cancer patients and their families.

BDCO is recognized internationally and has received an award for excellence as an NGO. It has also received an NGO BENCHMARKING certificate for 4 consecutive years from SGS, which is an international inspection, verification, and certification company. In August 2011, the Charity was granted the title of special consulting body by the UN.

What is the relationship between BFO and the Behnam Daheshpour Charity Organization in Iran?

With his altruistic nature, Behnam became a symbol of hope and benevolence among Iranians worldwide and will forever be remembered as a hero. Behnam Foundation of Ontario was established based on Behnam’s vision and it aims to continue his humanitarian efforts overseas.

To be able to do so, BFO has chosen the BDCO as its agent in order to carry out activities on its behalf in Iran, such as referring patients according to BFO’s eligibility requirements and disbursing funds.

We are proud to be associated with such a noteworthy cause and to be working closely with BDCO.

How are eligible patients identified?

Once a request for assistance is received, a social worker interviews the patient and conducts a thorough investigation to ensure the validity of the information received.  During intake and interview, the level and extent of required assistance is also determined. This information is then passed on to BFO where the Board of Directors further re-evaluate patients based on eligibility criteria and make a decision based on urgency of care and availability of funds.

Why do individual patients need our support?

The recent international sanctions imposed on Iran have caused the costs of cancer treatment to soar and, thus, medication is no longer affordable for a large group of patients. Also, inflation and the instability of Iran’s economy contribute to the rising levels of poverty in the country. While universal health care has recently been introduced in Iran for patients with cancer and rare diseases, there are limitations to the coverage provided and a vast majority of patients continue to struggle financially. These factors demonstrate the urgent need for supporting underprivileged cancer patients.

Where do your donations go?

One hundred percent of donations and all fundraising net revenue go towards accomplishing our mission: raising awareness and funds for the treatment of patients with cancer and rare diseases. The funds are transferred through registered Canadian financial institutions and exchanged at the market rate to the bank account that BDCO has opened in Iran on behalf of BFO. BFO’s Board of Directors have full control of transferred funds. After careful consideration of patient files, allocated funds are transferred to Iran and disbursed for treatment purposes with the permission of BFO’s Directors.

All administration and registration expenses of BFO are covered by monthly voluntary contributions made by the individual members of the Board of Directors.

Please find below, BFO’s annually updated financial information. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at accounting@behnamofontario.org.

Behnam Foundation of Ontario (BFO) is a registered and volunteer based not-for-profit organization which raises funds through various initiatives for patients with cancer and rare diseases .

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